Colibrije Specialty Coffee: A sensory journey

Focus on quality

Specialty coffee beans are grown and processed with an exceptional commitment to quality and excellence in flavor. Each cup is a unique experience.

Specific geographic origin

These beans come from particular geographic regions, which contributes to their uniqueness and variety of flavors. From the mountains and slopes of Chiapas, each place leaves its mark on coffee.

Organic coffee production

Organic coffee is grown without the use of synthetic chemicals, taking advantage of natural resources and respecting the environment, it has benefits for the health, flavor and quality of the coffee, as well as for producers and biodiversity.

Cultivation under favorable conditions

They are grown in specific environments that offer optimal conditions for their growth. Altitude, climate and soil influence its flavor and final quality.

Careful collection

The harvest of the grains is carried out meticulously, selecting only the ripe grains to guarantee the highest quality. Each fruit is a jewel.


Detailed processing

The beans are subjected to meticulous production processes, these methods influence their flavor characteristics, from fruity notes to caramelized sweetness.

Specialized evaluation

The quality of specialty coffee is evaluated through rigorous tastings. Aspects such as aroma, flavor, body and acidity are analyzed precisely.

Rigorous scoring

To be considered specialty coffee, beans must meet a minimum scoring threshold, generally around 85 points out of 100 (SCA scale). Only the best pass the test.

Focus on sustainable techniques

These grains originate from places where sustainable and ethical agricultural practices are prioritized. Specialty coffee is a commitment to the planet and communities.

Highlighting regional characteristics

The specialty coffee category seeks to highlight and celebrate the unique characteristics of each producing region. From the bright acidity, the smoothness and sweetness, the fruity aromas, each cup tells a story.

Complex sensory experience

The focus on quality and distinctive characteristics of specialty coffee offers a deeper and richer sensory experience for coffee lovers. Every sip is a journey.