Arabica coffee
Colibrije specialty coffee is Arabica coffee which combines and communicates the essence of our ancestors, the hard work and dedication of the farmers, as well as culture, traditions, and flavors of Mexico.

Colibrije specialty coffee is born in the mountains of la Sierra Madre of Motozintla Chiapas in Mexico, at an elevation of 1400 meters.

Following our traditions, we are able to harvest the fruits of the coffee tree at its peak maturity and capturing the best possible fragrances, aromas, and flavors, creating a truly artisanal selection of Arabica beans resulting in our Colibrije specialty.
Specialty Coffee
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500g coffee storage bag, stand up pouch with valve to keep roasted coffee fresh and allow the gases to escape.

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Specialty Coffee Arabica Typica


One of the most culturally and genetically important C. arabica coffees in the world, with high quality in Mexico. Very high susceptibility to coffee leaf rust, well adapted to the coldest conditions.




Leaf tip color



Bean size



Optimal atitude

> 1400 meters


Quality potential at high altitude

Very good


Lineage -
Genetic description Bourbon-Typica Group (Typica-related)