Marago coffee
The wisdom of nature gifted us with the creation of a the large green-brown Arabica coffee bean, known as a Maragogipe, or elephant coffee bean.

The region of the Sierra Madre of Motozintla Chiapas in Mexico, at an elevation of 1400 meters, provides the ideal conditions for the organic artisanal production of our Colibrijse specialty of this Maragogipe bean, resulting in a smooth, balanced coffee, with an aromatic flavor that captivates the most demanding palates, with a delicate aroma, clean body, intense and sophisticated acidity, and a melody of nuances, offering top notes of red fruits, citrus, chocolate, nuts, and a hint of floral.

Considered one of the most culturally and genetically important varieties of high quality arabica coffee in the world.
Speciality Coffee
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500g coffee storage bag, stand up pouch with valve to keep roasted coffee fresh and allow the gases to escape.

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Specialty Coffee Marago


Good to very good cup quality in Central America, highly suseptible to rust. Very low yelding, large leaves and large internodes.




Leaf tip color



Bean size



Optimal atitude

> 1400 meters


Quality potential at high altitude

Very good


Lineage A natural mutation of Typica
Genetic description Bourbon-Typica Group (Typica-related)