EU Organic

EU organic

European Union regulations on organic farming are designed to provide a clear structure for the production of organic goods across the whole of the EU. This is to satisfy consumer demand for trustworthy organic products whilst providing a fair marketplace for producers, distributors and marketers. Since 2010, organic farming has become more visible in Europe and organic food has become more and more common on european tables. From fruits and vegetables to meat, fish, dairy products and cereals, the possibilities to enjoy organic food every day are endless.

In order for farmers to derive benefits from organic farming methods, consumers need to trust that the rules on organic production are being followed. Therefore, the EU maintains the following strict system of control and enforcement to guarantee that organics rules and regulations are being followed properly.

By 2030, 25% of the EU's farmland will be cultivated organically, with the help of the EU's 'from farm to fork' strategy.

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